Highlights: “Birth of a Beauty,” Episode 2

1100  2014-11-03 07:06

Game on! Our favorite duo from “Birth Of A Beauty Sa Ra (Han Ye Seul) and Han Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook) are teaming up together! The first week introduced us a story joined with solid character development and hilarious blend of comedy I will present my top five scenes from the second episode. The drama quickly moves from Sara’s surgery to a nice setup for a beauty’s revenge

1. Sara learns more about the identity of “Dr” Han Tae Hee

After a personal training session, Sa Ra believes she popped a breast implant during her workout Uncomfortable with the idea, Tae Hee reveals he isn’t really a doctor However, after signing the super-sketchy contract she is still bound to cooperate with the mysterious man. Later on she quickly figures out that Tae Hee had a close relationship with Yoon Chae Yeon (Wang Ji Hye). Bingo They both have something in common: destroying a wedding!

2 Operation: “Seduction”

Sara and Tae Hee are preparing their entrance at a charity event hosted by Lee Kang Joon (Jung Gyu Woon). Sara attempts to seduce her cheating husband After many tries, Tae Hee pulls out his ultimate card: He gives Sa Ra one hundred thousand dollars letting her making a powerful impression for the fundraiser. Tae Hee reveals he is the son of a leading conglomerate company and of course Sa Ra doesn’t believe him and takes it as a joke.

3 Catching the big fish

Kang Joon “coincidentally” meets the beautiful Sara at the countryside. He notices that her fishing skill is rudimentary and gets close trying teaching her how to swing the pole properly. The two of them are talking about their past Kang Joon is glad to learn of Sara’s unconditional warmth, while Sa Ra discovers that her (technically no longer cheating) husband still vaguely remembers his late wife

4. The beauty next door

Tae Hee reveals to Sa Ra the house they live in doesn’t belong to him *chuckles* The owner is the surgeon, Gyo Ji Hoon (In Gyo Jin) who operated on Sara and just came back to Korea after a business venture. They are moving next to Sa Ra’s in-laws The next day, she saves her parents-in-law’s opera performance and reveals to the family she has moved in the neighborhood

5. A serial cheater caught the bait

Kang Joon is mesmerized with Sa Ra and keeps thinking about her He learns from his family that Sa Ra saved his parents from public humiliation. Kang Joon is even more surprised the woman is now his new neighbor and doesn’t hesitate to call her to meet him at a local park The man desires to see Sa Ra more often as Chae Yeon glances at the meeting from a distance and Tae Hee spies the scene from the background.

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