Park Hae Jin And Yoo Yeon Suk May Both Play Vampires

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There are definitely trends in k-drama subject matter and fantasy has been a strong favorite for a while. Aliens and gumihos and time travelers have been popular k-drama heroes but it looks like vampires may soon get another chance to sparkle.

Park Hae Jin is considering a role as a studious vampire On "Bad Guys" he currently plays a sociopath who uses his past criminal experience to help the police solve crimes. The actor has earned praise for this gritty role as he did for his two previous roles, playing a doctor in "Doctor Stranger" and Jun Ji Hyun's childhood friend in "You Who Came From The Stars" His next role may require some fangs.

On Nov 3, his agency WM Entertainment, told Newsen that the actor has received an offer for the upcoming drama "Scholar Who Walks The Night" but that nothing has been confirmed. The fusion fantasy adds the appeal of vampires to several tried and true drama formulas It's about a young noblewoman who dresses as a boy so that she can sell books. While out on her secret missions she meets a handsome and mysterious scholar who is secretly a vampire She gets accused of a crime she did not commit and the vampire may have to come to the rescue, likely fighting the urge to drink her blood WM Entertainment is in no hurry to confirm the actor's participation.

"We know that 'Scholar Who Walks The Night' is scheduled to broadcast in the second half of 2015" said the WM Entertainment representative. "So we have time to consider it"

Mysterious scholar may seem like a better career option for the bloodthirsty than doctor but if "Twilight's" Dr. Cullen can do it so can Yoo Yeon Suk. The actor is considering the role of a vampire doctor in the upcoming KBS drama "Blood"

His agency, King Kong Entertainment told Newsen that he is currently checking his schedule to see whether he can appear in the role.

"He is currently still deciding" said the King Kong representative. "Nothing has been decided yet"

If he does sign on for the drama he would play Park Ji Sang, a vampire who works as a doctor at a cancer center He must constantly struggle with his thirst and desire for blood.

If Yoo Yeon Suk does take the role of Park Ji Sang it will be his first leading role in a KBS, MBC or SBS drama It has been 11 years since his debut.

The drama "Blood" is a joint collaboration between director Ki Min Soo and "Good Doctor" writer Park Jae Bum

It is scheduled to air in February 2015.


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