Lee Byung-hun's second trial

702  2014-11-24 09:42

Lee Byung-hun is standing in court as witness to the Dahee and Lee Ji-yeon trial on the 24th. This case will be held private

Dahee and Lee Ji-yeon acknowledged the fact that they blackmailed Lee Byung-hun of 5 billion won in exchange for a video that they recorded of him, but had different sides of the story Lee Ji-yeon's attorney said, "Lee Byung-hun asked her for sex but she refused so he broke up with her" Lee Byung-hun's attorney claims that's not true. What will the actor say in the second trial Dahee asked for favor of the court on 12 times and Lee Ji-yeon 3 times. They both submitted letters of apology

Lee Byung-hun was in California for work and he returned to Korea on the 21st to attend the hearing today. However Lee Min-jeong, his wife didn't accompany him.