FTISLAND Lee Hongki Lead Drama, 'Hundred Year Bride' Officially Begins Airing In Japan

911  2014-08-05 00:29

FTISLAND member Lee Hongki is expected to get even bigger in Japan.

The singer's recent drama "Hundred Year Bride" has officially begun airing in Japan beginning August 1 according to the show's distributing company, Aura Media

"Japanese media outlets were persistent about wanting 'Hundred Year Bride' to be aired on public television so we decided to forgo any opportunities to have it aired on a cable channel. The drama will air on the Japanese channel TBS" stated an associate from Aura Media, according the Korean publication Naver

The Korean drama series, which stars Lee Hongki and Yang Jinsong has become so popular that it has gathered the support of fans not only in Japan, but also in China Vietnam, Cambodia South America, Europe and the US.

In order to further promote "Hundred Year Bride" in Japan Lee Hongki and actor Song Hyuk attended an event created by TBS so they can explain the concept of the popular series to Japanese fans.

The drama has contributed highly in the rise of Lee Hongki who has been dominating entertainment industries across Asia as of late. During the time the series aired in Korea Lee was voted as the Most Desired Korean Actor on China's chatting application, Weisin

The show became so popular in China that it topped the Chinese portal site, beating out "You Who Came From The Stars" the Korean drama that even entertained Chinese officials.

Aura Media has speculated that "Hundred Year Bride" has gained so much attention within Asia because it embodies the Asian culture as a whole so well

"'Hundred Year Bride' represents the shared values within Asian countries, which is why it has spread so quickly We think that the explosive reaction of Chinese viewers has spread to those in Japan," explained a representative from Aura Media

The rep continued, "Hallyu is noticeably spreading rapidly within Japan so we're excited that the Korean series is being shared with fans in the country We think it's a positive and encouraging sign [for Korean media] in the future."