Korean movie opening today 2015/12/24 in Korea

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Korean movie opening today 2015/12/24 in Korea "Goodbye and Hello" (2015)

Directed by Han Chang-geun

With Seo Ha-joon, Choi Jong-nam Choi Ha-yoon, Kim Feel Son Seok-ho, Lee Moon-sik..

"When I'm sad I go into the water. Then your tears turn into nothing" Do-wan is happy when he is in the water. He doesn't speak much and has no friends and no mom. But when he is swimming he feels peaceful. As far as he is in the water he feels so comfortable as if he were in mom's arms. Because Do-wan likes water and is talented with swimming he keeps working hard to become a swimming athlete. His father who hates water dreadly, objects to his son's dream to become a swimming athelte Due to the repeated conflict with his father, Do-wan drifts apart from his father gradually


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